Winner 2017

Royal BAM Group takes home the 2017 Crystal Prize. The main trophy of the Transparency Benchmark is awarded for the 8th consecutive year. Fastest climber is VION Holding N.V., while ABN AMRO grabs the award for most innovative annual report.

The Crystal Prize for societal reporting is a joint initiative of the Royal Dutch Professional Association of Accountants (NBA) and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Together, they hope to foster and further improve societal reporting by businesses and organizations. The Transparency Benchmark does not imply any judgement about the  societal agenda of companies, or the way in which they deal with societal issues, dilemma’s or possible controversies surrounding their activities.     

Winner Crystal Prize: Royal BAM Group

This year’s winner of the Crystal Prize is Royal BAM Group. The sector in which BAM is operating has recently taken a heavy financial toll, which also affected BAM. The Jury appreciates BAM’s effort to firmly keep societal issues on the agenda, incorporating them in their annual report. It specifically applauds the way in which BAM invites its stakeholders to participate in discussions about the desired company profile for 2050,
matching them with the 2020 company goals.
Additionally, BAM offers clear insights on possible improvements, resulting in clear and excellent reporting by a company that dares to profile itself on the theme of sustainability.    

Places 2, 3 and 4

Last year’s winner Alliander takes second prize, with an annual report that is both transparent and concrete in its focus on dilemma’s and long term value creation.
The third place is for Schiphol Airport. For years on end, the company has been reporting on a high level. A perfect example of a company that took a big leap forward in its reporting, Siemens Netherlands is awarded with the 4th place. The jury mentions the fact that a subsidiary of a foreign company reports in such an extensive manner about its Dutch activities as remarkable.

Fastest climber: VION Holding N.V.

The Transparency Benchmark’s fastest climber this year is  VION Holding N.V. In 2016, the company reached a total of 38 points. This year, VION Holding took 128 points, which is up 92 positions, going from place 204 to 112 on the Transparency Benchmark.

Most innovative annual report: ABN AMRO Group N.V.

In addition to its annual report, ABN AMRO published a Human Rights Report, dealing with material human rights issues that come with the various societal roles of ABN AMRO. The company stands out for its openness and transparency on areas for improvement. The annual report offers an excellent contribution to the current discussion on human rights issues from the perspective of a financial institution.     

The role of the board of commissioners

Increasingly companies need to take responsibility for, – and report about their societal impact. While this responsibility lies primarily with the companies top management, the board of commissioners plays a major role. Commissioners need to entice and monitor the board of directors on every matter related to their company’s strategy and future sustainability. The jury therefore invites companies and their boards of commissioners to focus more on this important aspect during the coming year.   

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