Winner 2014

The three nominees are in alphabetic order: AkzoNobel, KPN and NS. Again it was a tough job for the jury to pick the best annual report out of three good reports. 

Although the mutual differences between the top-3 were small, the jury believes that the NS really distinguishes itself from others on one particular issue. The NS presented indicators that expresses the monetary value of her social and environmental performances. In this way, the NS adapts to the current trend that the value of company is increasingly set by societal aspects. This is why the NS won the Crystal Prize in 2014.  

The jury finds it praiseworthy that the NS adapted its corporate social reporting in line with the societal expectations of today. Also the jump on the Benchmark is impressive. In 2012 NS had position 28, last year it was 6 and now it holds position 1. The report meets almost all criteria of the Transparency Benchmark. This goes in particular for the jury criteria “Show who you are”. NS has shown courage to thoroughly deliberate on the Fyra fiasco in the report. Also NS really makes work of the transition to sustainable energy use. They have done this by signing a new multiple year contract with an energy supplier including conditions on ‘greening’ the electricity in a cost-effective way. The energy supplier will build sustainable energy resources such as windmills or solar panels so that the NS can offer her customers a climate neutral train journey.

For 2015 the jury hopes for even better corporate social reports. In a new composition, as the term of jury chairwoman Bibi de Vries ends this year.