Winner 2012

DSM is the winner of The Crystal, the price for the most transparent sustainability report of the Netherlands. Just like in 2011, DSM came out as the best of almost 500 companies. The annual report of DSM reeds very pleasantly according to the jury and it is an integrated report where CSR is treated as first. According to the jury stakeholder information is improved compared to previous year and explanation about remuneration is clear. Another aspect what the jury thinks to be strong is the attention for things that went wrong in the chapter ‘What still went wrong’. DSM mentions here that 24 employees have been dismissed because they have not respected the business principles. The company gives a clear message to employees and society that such behavior will not be tolerated.

Of the three finalists the annual report of DMS is the most externally oriented. The main themes of the report and its developments are placed in a social context. By setting up the Sustainability Advisory Board, DSM shows that the company goes a step further in the area of CSR and the company also shows which roles each member of the Board of Directors fulfills in the social context. With this ‘Walk the talk’ the Board of Directors sets a good example to the rest of the organization. Finally DSM clearly shows that the external recognition for enterprise’s CSR policy is large. In 2011 Feike Sijbesma received inter alia the Leaders of Change Award and DSM achieved the No. 1 Ranking in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the chemical industry sector.