Terms and conditions of the 2018 Crystal Prize contest


  1. To be eligible for the 2018 Crystal Prize, you must submit a best practice by means of the form, stating your organisation name, contact person and email address.
  2. A best practice is an excerpt from the annual corporate social responsibility report that could be considered pioneering.
  3. Participating organisations must comply with the requirements stipulated in the 2017 Participant Protocol.
  4. The best practice must be included in publicly available accountability information on part or all of the 2017 financial year.
  5. It is also permitted to submit a best practice as a representative on behalf of an organisation.
  6. You can submit best practices as from 2 July 2018. The closing date for participation is midnight on Friday, 7 September 2018. Neither the panel of experts nor the Crystal jury will take account of submissions that are incomplete or received after this deadline.
  7. Excluded from participation are companies whose employees are directly or indirectly involved in any way with organising this contest.
  8. Participating organisations agree to the provisions of these terms and conditions when taking part in the contest.


  1. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) has taken the initiative for this contest, which it organises in conjunction with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO.nl) and the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA).


  1. The contest judges performances in the area of transparency in corporate social reporting. Participation consists of submitting a best practice on a particular theme in the field of corporate social reporting. This theme changes every other year. The 2018 theme is 'Chain transparency and responsibility'.
  2. The 2018 theme centres on the following question: What level of transparency do organisations provide on the chains in which they are engaged, on the potential risks for the company, and on the direct and indirect risks for people, the environment and natural capital?
  3. The contestant may use no more than 300 words to substantiate the best practice for the theme, which must be traceable to the annual corporate social responsibility report. In addition, the submission must include an upload of the organisation's annual corporate social responsibility report.
  4. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency collects the submissions.

EY Accountants:

- establishes whether the organisation complies with the requirements in the Participant Protocol;- establishes whether the best practice is included in publicly available reporting information on part or all of the 2017 financial year;

- analyses the level of assurance;

- analyses the connection to the larger annual corporate social responsibility report.

Assessment by panel of experts and Crystal jury

  1. The panel of experts comprises the following persons (read more about their respective backgrounds):
  • Ms Teresa Fogelberg (chair)
  • Mr Giuseppe van der Helm (deputy chair)
  • Mr René Orij
  • Mr Gijs Droge
  • Ms Charlotte Linnebank
  • Ms Erika Marseille
  • Mr Marhijn Visser
  • Mr Paul Hurks
  • Mr Ralph Thurm
  • Mr Jos Reinhoudt
  • Mr Gerhard Schuil
  1. The Crystal jury comprises the following persons (read more about their respective backgrounds):
  • Ms Monika R. Milz (chair)
  • Ms Petri Hofsté
  • Mr Martin Hoogendoorn
  1. The panel of experts judges submissions on the criteria listed below:
  • Connectivity – how do organisations link up the knowledge of the chain and their impact with their vision, strategy, policy, KPIs and results?
  • Materiality and stakeholder engagement – how do organisations involve shareholders and stakeholders in materiality considerations? Do organisations provide clarity on the potential interests which do or do not have a voice in the stakeholder dialogue; for example, with regard to interests further upstream in the chain within countries which have insufficient legislation and/or enforcement in place (human rights, natural capital, animal welfare)? Do organisations scrutinise stakeholders' opinions, accounting for the fact that they could be biased or insufficiently knowledgeable regarding certain themes?
  • Self-learning capability – how do organisations learn from their mistakes? Do they welcome criticism and take responsibility when faced with problems, or do they issue a defensive or belated reaction only after the story has gone public? Does management respond to incidents or rather to the underlying system/organisation that failed to prevent the incident?
  1. The panel of experts draws up a shortlist of no more than 10 best practices.
  2. The panel of experts presents its results to the Crystal jury, which selects a winner from this shortlist based on its technical expertise.
  3. The award ceremony will be held in the cultural and conference centre Antropia in Driebergen on Thursday, 29 November 2018. The contest organisers will invite the representatives of the contestants to the award ceremony.
  4. The 2018 Crystal Prize comprises an award as well as publicity for the winning contestant through the contest organisers' social and other media channels.

Concluding provisions

  1. Participants in the contest give their consent to the organisers referred to in item 9 to reuse their submission of a best practice without prior consultation or any compensation and to publish it on their websites, on other sites or in other media.
  2. The participating organisation (and any representative on its behalf) consents with the processing of the personal data that it has provided. It is permitted for the organisers to use these personal data when announcing the Top 10 and the winners in all media, including radio, television and internet.
  3. Participants (and any representative on their behalf) give their consent to the organisers for reporting their best practice as well as the deliberations by the panel of experts and the Crystal jury in all media, including radio, television and internet.
  4. Neither the organisers nor the auxiliary persons and third parties engaged by them can be held liable for any direct and/or indirect loss resulting from or otherwise relating to this contest.
  5. The organisers reserve the right to terminate, interrupt or alter the contest at their own discretion and without prior notification and/or to award the prize to another party than the contest winner as circumstances dictate.
  6. The jury's decision will be final and not subject to debate.

If you have any questions or comments about the contest, please contact us via email at Transparantiebenchmark@minez.nl or by phone on +31 (0)88 042 4242.